Eamonn McGonigle

Well, this web page has been a disgrace for a very long time. I thought some colour (and nice curtains down the side) would brighten it up. You should by now be getting an appreciation for why I defer to my wife for domestic decorating decisions...

Despite all the glitz and glamour of this newly tarted-up page, the fact of the matter is that I still have absolutely nothing to say. Zip. Diddly-squat. Zero. Not that this normally deters children of the digital age (and I've just written a whole paragraph on the subject with no end in sight...) but it must be a real nuisance for you, the casual surfer, to be once again short changed after so auspicious a beginnging...dammit, them curtains just scream quality.

Still...you've got to laugh.

I will eventually get around to putting something interesting in here. Really. I promise. Or atleast I'll change the colour of the curtains...

If you think I'm a sad git, check out Paul Dunlevy, a strange chap who keeps phoning me up looking to borrow things. Be cautioned, noble surfer, he has no curtains on his rather barren web page.

Also, he doen't give things back, the swine.

You can catch me on e-mail as emcgon@iol.ie. Sometimes I even reply. I do, however, take grave exception to disparaging comments related to my window-dressing prowess (or alleged lack of...)

You are, by the way, one of people to suffer the abject disappointment of this web page. Atleast you're in good company...

Peace in Northern Ireland